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What is the Salem Spine Center?
While the Salem Spine Center does not personally see or treat patients, it is a service that coordinates with you, referring physicians, spine specialists and surgeons, to accelerate getting you the treatment you need.

What is the process once a referral is sent to the Salem Spine Center?

They will contact you via telephone: 

 - Complete a detailed medical history and an assessment of you neck, back or spine problem

 - Collect X-rays, MRI or other scans of your spine

 - Send this information to a spine specialist for review

​ - Once reviewed the spine specialist will either ask for more studies, recommend other treatment, or recommend an appointment to see him or her for an evaluation

 - As soon as the Salem Spine Center receives the recommendation they will contact you to discuss the plan, notify the spine specialist's office of the recommended appointment, and or arrange for your treatment

 -  Once the spine specialist's office has been notified of the recommendation of the appointment with the spine specialist, the spine specialist's office will contact you with an appointment time and date

To learn more please go to

Salem Spine Center
P.O. Box 14001
Salem, OR 97309-5014

Monday-Friday 8-4:30 
Phone: 503-814-BACK (2225)
Fax: 503-814-5495